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Forever White Teeth Whitening Pen with brush applicator provides an effective and easily affordable way to whiten your teeth. Ideal for the person on-the-go who want to look their best without the hassle of bleaching trays. Convenient, easy to use, completely safe and it works!

The Whitening Pen uses a 18% Carbamide peroxide bleaching gel that is easily applied to the surface of the teeth, one tooth at a time, similar to the way one would apply polish to fingernails. Made specifically for at-home use, once the gel has been applied to a tooth’s surface it solidifies to form a somewhat invisible film which not only whitens but also protects your teeth from food and drink that causes discoloration.

You’ve never seen such a product before. Give yourself that prestige smile you always wanted and reap the benefits of the confidence you deserve!


The Bright White Smile Forever White Whitening Pen works by bleaching the stains on your teeth. It can be applied to specific teeth or to your entire smile. It’s a simple procedure which bleaches existing stains and prevents new stains from accumulating through age, diet and lifestyle. Apply to clean dry teeth for 30 minutes and wait for your smile to shine. Continue until the desired results have been achieved.

Also, ideal to use after an in salon bleaching treatment has been completed. The Whitening Pens contain the strongest gel available for home use (18% Carbamide Peroxide) and is highly recommended to keep and maintain your smile.


This Simple and Effective Method is designed especially for easy home use

• Dry off teeth with a towel or tissue.
• Twist product onto the brush by twisting the bottom of the pen.
• One drop of gel will cover 3 to 4 teeth.
• Paint onto desired teeth (in the beginning, do all visible teeth).
• Smile wide and keep mouth open for 60 seconds to allow product to dry.
• Product will remain on your teeth until you brush it off.
• Use the Pen right before bed for best results.