Do you offer Mobile Beauty Services?
In general mobile beauty consultants bring the relaxation and invigoration of the beauty salon experience into the homes of Australian women.
You go to your client, their home, work place or hotel and you bring everything you need to set up depending what treatment they’re having done.
These days many people live a busy lifestyle and find it hard to fit in a trip to the salon because of  work commitments, home with children and limited salon hours means people often put off that much needed appointment. Now they don’t need to as you go to them! Your hours are flexible to suit your clients need.
Why not consider introducing Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?
Cosmetic teeth whitening treatment is a value add-on for any Mobile Beauty business. It is after all, a look good/ feel good business you’re in. Your clients wax, pluck, cut, colour, tan, moisturize, inject and massage all to look good, feel younger and more vibrant and guess what?? They will whiten their smile with you too!!
More and more people are realizing that they don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a whiter smile. And they are now realizing this cosmetic treatment is being offered by their current Mobile Beauty Therapist with immediate results, safe, painless and effective.
Bright White Smile Teeth Whitening treatment has been designed so you will never have to put anything in a client’s mouth instead the client has full control of the Cosmetic Procedure.
Amazing Income Potential by adding a new treatment to your Mobile Beauty Business. 
This latest, safe and cost effective way for customers to receive cosmetic teeth whitening has resulted in an outstanding opportunity for you. You can now profit from the growth of this multi billion dollar industry and this niche Market…….. Bright White Smile has made it possible for you to commence cosmetic teeth whitening in your business. We make the process simple by providing you all the equipment, training, tools and support you need to get started.
• Low Start up Costs
• Inexpensive to Operate
• High Profit Margins
• Simple to Run
• Operation Benefits
Mobile Businesses similar to yours are adding cosmetic teeth whitening to their menus and are reaping the rewards. You already have the customers and other treatment, so any new service that adds to the bottom line makes sense. And best of all there is the potential to earn up to 420% per treatment.
Contact us directly to enquire about the opportunities available to your new business, and don’t miss out on the lucrative incomes.  Contact Bright White Smile.