Finally a Business Opportunity Worth Smiling about!
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening has grown into an $14 Billion dollar industry and is currently the MOST REQUESTED cosmetic procedure on the market.
Until recently there have been two primary ways to whiten your smile;
  • visiting a dentist, which results in a costly and timely appointment
  • the use of home whitening kit, which is time consuming and inconvenient
  • Now there is a third way, a far more cost effective and convenient way to have teeth cosmetically whitened:
the Bright White Smile way’
Bright White Smile offers effective, affordable and convenient self administered cosmetic teeth whitening services at locations such as Hair Dressers, Beauty Salons, Health Clubs, Day Spas and yes, even ‘house calls’ via a mobile service.
Would you like the opportunity to offer your existing clients and new clients this amazing treatment in your salon? You already have the location, the chairs, the personnel and the customer so any new service that adds to the bottom line makes sense. You should look at adding professional NON Laser cosmetic teeth whitening to the list of treatments on offer at your business, as Bright White Smile  only works with one salon in a particular area. This service has a very low investment entry, has huge margins and demand is increasing as seen on commercial television.
Provide this highly demanded procedure without the high cost and inconvenience associated with other services that are available. Now you can profit from this multi-billion dollar cosmetic teeth whitening industry.