7 Easy Steps

Before placing the trays into water it's a good idea to practice sucking the air out from the trays. When you suck the air out, the tray will fit tighter. This is the procedure you will use when retrieving the trays from the water to contour to the inside surface of your upper teeth. Repeat this procedure with the other tray on your lower teeth.

Boil a pan of water approximately 12cm in depth so that the tray will be immersed keeping the tab above the water. When the water has come to a boil remove from the heat, allow to cool for a minute and then place tray in the hot water but not in the boiling water. Leave in water for 5 seconds, please note the trays become very pliable at this point and will tend to stick together. While the trays are in this state avoid twirling them as it may ruin the natural contour of the tray.

Remove the tray from the water and quickly place the tray around your teeth. Suck the air out like you did in Step 1 and hold for around 10 seconds. Gently press the tray against the front of your teeth with your fingers and the back of your teeth with tongue. Let it cool and molds to your teeth. Do the same for the lower tray. To avoid gel contact with the soft tissue (gums), with small scissors trim your trays on the gingival line if required (teeth/gum line) and cut holding tabs off.

Prior to whitening, brush and floss your teeth before applying the Gel to maximise Whitening performance. Make sure that your teeth and trays are clean and dry before applying the clear whitening gel (larger syringe). Moisture reduces the efficiency of the whitening gel and can hinder the whitening process.

Place a small drop of gel per tooth impression in the front surface of the tray for the primary 6-8 teeth (these will be the teeth exposed when smiling). Use a small drop of clear gel per tooth. Be careful not to overload the trays. Wipe off any excess gel that has seeped over the brim of the tray onto the gums with a tissue or cotton bud. Place the upper and lower trays in your mouth and start with a 30 minute session once a day, depending on your sensitivity level. If you feel no tooth sensitivity after a few days proceed to a 45 minute session once a day.

The Mini Blue LED Light can assist with the teeth whitening acceleration. Place the light in front of the mouth trays, your lips will hold in place. Use with every whitening treatment for maximum results. (Remove the plastic between the batteries to operate). Press the white button to turn the light on or off. (The Mini Blue LED Light is not mandatory to user per session) After every treatment brush your teeth to remove any gel residue, wash trays in cold water and wipe light head with clean cloth.

Repeat process daily until the desired results are accomplished. Effective teeth whitening can take about 14 days. During whitening avoid staining food or beverages including coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks, citrus beverages, and smoking. Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of the whitening process and differs in severity from person to person. If you experience sensitivity discontinue for 2-4 days and try again.