i-white Whitening Head Set – only $199.00
Don’t sell yourself short, having a bright white smile is a right, not a luxury!
Our most popular teeth whitening kit i-white – this kit has everything needed to ensure you get a bright white smile very quickly.
The  i-white Whitening Music Headset is in high demand in the teeth whitening world, listen to your music while you whiten your teeth. This is a real, high-quality MUSIC HEADSET that attaches to an iPod, MP3 player or computer to listen to music while it whitens.
In this world, first impressions are everything. At the end of the day, if you don’t look your best it can have a negative impact on your private and professional life. These days the best way to impress people and make a great impression is to have a stunning smile. People always remember a great smile. We all tell ourselves that true love is about how we feel inside and not about how we look outside, but if you can’t catch the eye of that special someone, they will never realize what they have missed.
With easy to follow instructions you’ll be well on the way to removing staining from foods, coffee, tobacco, cola and red wine. With the i-white professionally whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home for whiter, brighter teeth in no time! This is the least expensive way to get professional results at home.
Advantages & Features
  • Quick: 1-Hour bleaching — the fastest and safest at-home bleaching kit.
  • Effective: Gives amazing results because the strong gel is activated by the powerful blue LEDs.
  • Has enough gel for 15 applications!
  • Finally a product that delivers!
  • i-white : This is a real, high-quality MUSIC HEADSET that attaches to an iPod, MP3 player or computer to listen to music while it whitens.
  •  Highly effective USA-made whitening gel enough for up to 15 treatments
  • Sleek blue carry case great for whitening on the go
  • i-white music headset with 2.5W blue LED light
  • Battery Pack (3 AA batteries included)
  • Whitening Pen
  • Cheek retractor for easy application
  • Tooth Colour Indicator
  • Sleek blue case
  • Detailed Instructions


How to order?

To order your i-white Whitening Music Headset please email us at sales@www.brightwhitesmile.com.au with the following details

  • And we will contact you to confirm your order and take payment.
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