Below are some examples of the type of opportunities that exist for new and existing businesses that are interested in light augmented teeth whitening:
Teeth Whitening Opportunities for New Businesses
Salon-Based Business
If you are looking to start a beauty salon of any kind then you should seriously consider adding this very lucrative add-on service to your list. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is not only a wonderful additional revenue stream, but it complements any other beauty treatment and brings in new customer sources, such as men, who would not normally go to a beauty salon.
Home-Based Business 
Setup an area in your home and have clients come to you. The equipment requirement is only the Cool – Light teeth whitening system and a comfortable reclining chair!
Mobile Business
The BrightWhiteSmile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System is so small, that it is ideally suited to being used in a mobile teeth whitening service. What could be more flexible for potential customers than someone coming to their home or even workplace to provide this service?
Contact us directly to enquire about the opportunities available to your new business, and don’t miss out on the lucrative incomes. Call Email for more information Contact BrightWhiteSmile HQ .