Have you been looking for a professional high quality teeth whitening service with fantastic results at very affordable prices?
Bright White Smile is the company you’ve been looking for.

The Bright White Smile teeth whitening system uses the latest technology. It is quick and effective, fitting in with your busy lifestyle. Our private in-home/office Mobile & Salon teeth whitening service is perfect for someone who is time poor, a teeth whitening business that’s available when you want it to be, night-time, daytime, weekends, in your time!!

The Bright White Smile professional cosmetic teeth whitening system leaves you with a sensational White Smile and a great after taste! We use safe dental grade gels (contains a very low and safe Hydrogen Peroxide) and all our consultants and partners are professionally trained.

Unlike some other companies, nothing is used twice!! We take hygiene very seriously.
It can take as little as 20 minutes for a quick touch up but 30 to 40 minute treatments give amazing results!!  Our 50 minute treatment is great for heavy staining caused by smoking and red wine.
Our teeth whitening treatments are available right across Australia in both salon and mobile operations.