Welcome to the Future of professional teeth whitening systems.

Bright White Smile uses the latest LED Cold Light technology and photo activated bleaching gels available to achieve stunning results without ridiculously expensive prices! Bright White Smile DOES NOT USE ULTRAVIOLET (UV) or LASER BASED LIGHT SYSTEMS. (NO BURNING)

Bright White Smile Teeth Whitening offers truly stunning results for the most frequent extrinsic stains (external staining), such as those caused by tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine, dark foods or curries, although it is also efficient in the treatment of intrinsic stains (Internal staining)such as tetracyclines or fluorosis.
Bright White Smile whitening solutions employ a non abrasive gel that does not damage the tooth enamel. Adapted and simplified for use in dental and cosmetic centre’s while maintaining the highest standards, our Teeth Whitening Systems leverage the most advanced photo-activation technology and the latest discoveries in teeth whitening agents to accelerate the whitening process with maximum safety, hygiene and comfort standards.
Our High Powered Teeth Whitening Cold LED technology utilises 14 Cool Blue Light and patented 7 Cool Green Light (21 Lamps in Total) producing a combined wavelength of 530nm and a light intensity of 10,000 MCD. Our proprietary teeth whitening gels, activators and photo-activated accelerators makes it possible to whiten teeth in both upper and lower dental arches at the same time, with stunning results.
Our exclusive products aid in re-mineralisation of your teeth and have high water content to stop shade relapse by keeping your teeth hydrated during the whitening process. The teeth whitening treatment is generally painless, on rare occasions some clients may experience minor intermittent tingling sensations during and after the treatment, this will dissipate.

Our office is located in Melbourne with distributors in other States and our equipment was developed in Holland and Germany with the latest discoveries in nanotechnology and incorporating the most revolutionary active and photo-accelerating ingredients.