Amazing Returns…. Tell Me How?
This latest, safe and cost effective way for customers to receive cosmetic teeth whitening has resulted in an outstanding business opportunity for you. You can now profit from the growth of this multi-billon dollar industry and this new niche created for business similar to yours.
Bright White Smile has made it possible for you to commence self administered cosmetic teeth whitening in your existing business. Bright White Smile makes the process simple by providing you all the equipment, training, tools and support you need to get started.
  • Has Low Startup Costs 
    Bright White Smile has developed a business that nearly everyone can afford to start. Your Bright White Smile business can be started with a minimal investment and includes enough products to earn over 140% of your initial equipment purchase.
  • Inexpensive to Operate
    The Bright White Smile business is inexpensive to operate. You have many options available to where you operate and how to market your business. The business requires minimal personnel and inventory to manage and operate.
  • High Profit Margins
    Due to the low costs of goods, high gross profits margins and inexpensive operating expenses, you will find great potential for high profit margin returns in this business.
  • Is Simple to Run
    Bright White Smile will provide you the training, tools and support needed to operate your business. In addition there is minimal inventory to maintain. Bright White Smile has taken the steps to create a business model that is simple to operate and manage.
  • Operation Benefits
    Bright White Smile requires no franchise fees, annual royalties, fees for participating in cosmetic teeth whitening business and has very few requirements for receiving the benefits as operating as a Bright White Smile Licensee.